End of Empire100 days in 1945 that changed Asia and the world.

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  • Viet Minh takeover in Hue

    23 August 1945. Reversing the sequence in Hanoi four days earlier, Viet Minh leaders in the royal capital first send groups to occupy public buildings and Civil Guard barracks and then follow up with a mass meeting in the late afternoon. People notice that many lesser members of the royal family are participating. Moreover, ICP squads hunt down and arrest specific ‘traitors’, including the former premier Pham Quynh, as well as the former minister Ngo Dinh Khoi and his son, who are brother and nephew of the prominent nationalist (and future South Vietnamese president), Ngo Dinh Diem. No attempt is made to enter the royal palace itself but an ultimatum is delivered that Bao Dai cede power to the Viet Minh. The emperor accepts and next day issues an edict of abdication.

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