End of Empire100 days in 1945 that changed Asia and the world.

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  • Showdown in Laos

    10 October 1945. Prompted by De Gaulle, King Sisavangvong dismisses Prince Phetsarath as prime minister of Luang Prabang and strips him of the viceroy title. The move is two days after Lao Issara leaders informed the king of their intention to establish a constitutional monarchy and a day after an informal parliament was created by the Lao-penLao in Vientiane. Nationalists respond to the sacking by forming a revolutionary government, which in turn appoints a provisional national assembly and invites the king to dissolve his royal government. On the 12th, it proclaims the country’s independence under its authority. A provisional constitution, national flag and anthem are also approved. Meanwhile, young Lao loyal to Phetsarath and his Lao Issara allies begin to take over the old colonial administration. On the 15th, Phetsarath formally accepts his vice-regal demotion; the prince is confident of his ability to govern without a royal mandate.

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