End of Empire100 days in 1945 that changed Asia and the world.

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  • Laos heading towards denouement

    15 September 1945. At the invitation of Prince Boun Oum of Champassak, French troops enter Pakse, the main centre in the southern British zone; several weeks will pass before their hold here is secure. The same day, Prince Phetsarath reiterates his proclamation of Laotian independence and announces the integration of all the country’s provinces (including Champassak). About this time, he also detaches Lao government services from the rest of Indochina and establishes a new currency and tax regime. Two days later, King Sisavangvong rejects these measures. He is well aware that, despite their early setback in Savannakhet, Franco–Lao forces are making their way up the middle Mekong.

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