End of Empire100 days in 1945 that changed Asia and the world.

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  • Controversial OSS officer killed

    26 September 1945. The ongoing presence of an OSS team in Saigon angers the head of the British occupation forces, General Gracey, but there are personal differences between Gracey and OSS mission head Peter Dewey as well. One of Gracey’s first actions after arriving in Saigon is to demand that Dewey end all contacts with Viet Minh adherents. When Dewey evades the ban by having his subordinates continue the contacts, he is declared persona non grata and ordered to leave the country. On his way to the airport, possibly mistaken for a Frenchman, Dewey is shot dead in a Viet Minh ambush. His body is never recovered. In a letter to President Truman, Ho Chi Minh makes it clear he disapproves of the killing and expresses his condolences and friendship with the American people.

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