End of Empire100 days in 1945 that changed Asia and the world.

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  • AFPFL breaks with British administration

    1 November 1945. Rejecting the AFPFL push for a dominant role in the post-war governance of Burma, Governor Dorman-Smith forms an Executive Council that excludes the AFPFL and only includes ‘loyal’ prewar politicians. He is determined not to depart from the White Paper and not to continue Mountbatten’s ‘appeasement’ approach towards Aung San and the AFPFL. Aung San soon responds, calling on the Burmese to emulate India’s struggle for independence. Later in the month, he forms a private militia, the People’s Volunteer Organization, with thousands of discharged PBF soldiers and former resistance fighters. With the PVO at his command, he is now able to threaten the British with an armed struggle.

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