End of Empire100 days in 1945 that changed Asia and the world.

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    That the imperial era was coming to an end was apparent, for Axis and Allied powers alike.

    How the era would end, and what would replace it,

    was profoundly affected by events between August and November 1945.

    End of Empire is dedicated to a simple premise: events during the 100 days following the bombing of Hiroshima had a profound impact on politics and society throughout Asia for decades to come. The site, which is presented as a daily newspaper, has four integrated components: a pan-asian chronology, expert analyses, photographs and documents, and Special Country Reports that present all events relevant to a country in a single edition. An analytic introduction, by Robert Cribb and Li Narangoa, is presented here.

    End of Empire is more than a website. It is a multimedia, multi-platform project with contributions by 90 world-renowned experts that can be experienced not only here, but also on Twitter, Facebook and as a spectacular printed book. Enjoy, engage, and join the conversation! 


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