End of Empire100 days in 1945 that changed Asia and the world.

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  • Viet Minh tightens its grip in the north

    20 August 1945. With Hanoi and its administrative structure in its hands, the Viet Minh begins using the existing machinery of government to inform, exhort and increasingly control the populace. At the same time that all political parties are invited to join with the new government in preparing to resist any return of the French, upriver from Hanoi in nearby Son Tay, Viet Minh forces are hunting down and killing ‘pro-Japanese’ Dai Viet groups. On the 25th, all armed groups are ordered to disband and enrol in the Vietnam Liberation Army. Three days later, citizens are told that henceforth all outdoor meetings, demonstrations or armed training exercises will require government authorization. More restrictions follow in mid-September when two nationalist groups and a youth movement are banned for being ‘pro-Japanese organizations’.

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    Fears of a French return were not unfounded.